Play live blackjack

Live blackjack a popular casino game among players from the United States. While in an online casino you are dealing with a computer version of the game, it is also possible to play live blackjack in a live casino. This live casino option is called live blackjack and gives you the true feel of playing casino games whenever and wherever you want. On this page we will show you the different variants of the game, the rules of the game.

Live blackjack: rules and explanations

Live blackjack as one of the simplest games in a casino. However, before you get your money’s worth here, you should first read the following rules. The aim of live blackjack USA is quite straightforward: getting as close to 21 as possible. The highest possible combination is an ace and a 10 card. In this case, you have blackjack. We explain the rules with a simple step-by-step plan. The game begins as soon as you place a bet.

Step 1: The croupier in blackjack deals the cards

First, the dealer deals the cards. Players are dealt two open cards per hand. The dealer deals one open card and one closed card. In live blackjack, the type of card (hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs) does not matter, only the value of the card.

Step 2: Determine your turn

The total value of the card is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Then you have five options to choose from, which we briefly describe below:

  • Insurance: If the house is open A, you can buy insurance. If the house is blackjack, you do not lose your bet
  • Hit: If you hit, you pick an extra card
  • Split: you can split when you have two identical cards, double your bet during the split, and play two hands at the same time
  • Doubling your stake: when you double your bet, you get a maximum of one additional card. If you win the round, you will receive a welcome payout
  • Standing: If you are satisfied with the total value of your hand, you may choose to stand. At that point, your hand stays, and it’s the next player’s turn!

Step 3: The house decides to move it

At live blackjack casinos. Always stops on the side with a value of 17 or higher. If your value of the hand is less than 17, the house automatically buys an additional card until the value of the hand is 17 or higher.

Step 4: Decide Who Wins

As a player, you win if your hand has a higher card value than the online casino. In this case, you can win once. If you have blackjack, you will win 1.5 times your bet. If both the player and the house have the same hand value, the screen becomes equal and the text “Push” is displayed. In this case, you will get your bet back and the next round will begin!

What makes live blackjack casino the best?

Of course, when you play live blackjack free, you want to experience nothing less than the ultimate experience from whatever device you prefer. Whether you’re lazy from the couch or with friends at the pub. To help you find the best live blackjack sites where you can experience the fun of the game, we have some important tips for you.

  • Play at a casino with your own game offerings.
  • Make sure that you can place additional bets.
  • Check if the replay option is available.
  • Check if you can make a deposit while playing.
  • Check real-time availability at the tables.

Only play at online casinos with their own game offerings

Many live blackjack online USA tables are “regular” tables, which means that they are available at various online casinos, which also means that these tables can often be full. So look for online casinos with their own best live blackjack offerings. These blackjack tables can be recognized by their own logo or the colors that the online casino uses. These live casinos often have more slots available (mostly lower deposit tables) and the quality of service is much higher.

See if you can make extra bets

Remember that you get extra payouts for simple extra bets that don’t affect your main hand: perfect 21+3 pairs are typical examples of side bets.

Deposit Options While Playing

Many online casinos claim that slots are always available, but that’s actually not always the case. You can enter a game during peak hours. You leave the live casino table and environment for a moment, you are taken to the online casino home page. Then you come back and want to continue playing: Your seat is taken! And you can help prevent this by playing only at a live casino that offers quick deposit options while you’re at the table.

Find an online casino with live blackjack that has tables

We advise you to check ahead of time to see if there are available tables at the casino you choose, or if you can only play with players who are already playing. There are live casinos where you can immediately see if they have any tables available, and therefore you will know right away if you can play there.

Varieties of live blackjack games

As we know, blackjack is one of the oldest online casino games. There are enthusiasts who think it’s time for innovation. The result is several live blackjack games that are definitely worth trying. Below, we’ve taken a look at the most interesting options for live blackjack games.

Infinited live blackjack

Infinited Blackjack is a relatively new live blackjack game that is definitely worth trying. Although some of these blackjack variants are copies of the NetEnt Common Draw game, we still call it a variant of live blackjack. Fans of endless blackjack usually play this variant for two simple reasons. A live casino always has room to play this variant of blackjack. It’s a good way to practice your skills without focusing too much on the game. Other players are invisible!

Live Blackjack Bonus

Live casino is a relatively new phenomenon in online casinos, and partly for this reason there are no special bonuses aimed at certain games, such as blackjack and live roulette. This does not change the fact that you can still use the live casino bonus. Thus, you can play live blackjack online with extra bonus money. At the best online casinos you will find on this page, you can create an account, activate the bonus and use it in live blackjack. The casino bonus is a great way to try a live blackjack game or try out a new strategy. Don’t want to make a fuss? With a casino cashback bonus, you’re always in the right place.