The most profitable online slots

There are two main reasons why players take the time to enjoy slot machines. The first is the pleasure of the game itself, and the second is the pursuit of profit. Since satisfaction with the game is a subjective feeling, we won’t focus on it now. Everyone likes something different, and everyone likes something different. Instead, focus on finding the best online slot casino USA.

How do you evaluate the profitability of playing a slot machine?

When comparing different online slots, we can use several criteria. In this article, we will focus on four main factors:

  • Return to Player (RTP), i.e. the rate of return
  • Volatility
  • Hit ratio
  • Nominal winnings.

Each of these factors will point to a particular game as being the most profitable, so it’s worth considering them together. Interestingly, following the above parameters allows players to choose the games that will give them the most pleasure due to their individual psychological preferences.

RTP is the rate of return

This ratio determines how much you can win on average in relation to the bet amount. For example, an RTP of 90% means that after millions of hands, players earn an average of $90 for every $100 wagered.

Of course, you should look for the highest possible RTP. The best slot machines offer returns above 96%, and usually it will be below 100% – otherwise the slot operator would have to pay extra to the business. There are best USA online slot casino with good payout You can exceed 100% RTP with the right strategy, but such statements should be treated with caution.

Profit margins below 100% mean that players lose casinos in the long run. However, this is just a statistic, because it is still possible to finish the game when you are in the plus, and at any moment there is a million dollar jackpot. Not many people will succeed, but the RTP is the same for everyone.


Do you like to win small amounts more often or do you prefer to wait for the prize pot? In the first case, choose a machine with low volatility and in the second with high volatility. Volatility tells you how much your winnings fluctuate. Low volatility means that the difference between the amount you win and the amount you lose is small. As a consequence, winnings should occur more often than in slots with higher volatility for the same RTP.

Knowing the volatility of a machine, it is possible to choose a game so that it corresponds to the player’s psychological needs as much as possible. Slots that pay out the highest winnings from a single bet usually have very high volatility.

Frequency of hits

A parameter related to volatility is the frequency of wins. The higher it is, the more often the hand will end up winning. Some manufacturers, wishing to increase this coefficient, have even gone so far as to create winning combinations in which the value of the winnings is lower than the value of the bet. For example, betting 1 zloty, you can win 80 groschens. Thus, you can guarantee that players will win more often with the same RTP (or lower RTP, keeping the same percentage of winnings). Best online slot casino money will especially appeal to those players who like to win, often even the smallest pots.

The highest winnings on slot machines

What most ignites the imagination of players is the size of the jackpot pool, which in the best casino online slot Can even reach more than 10 million dollars. Whoever wins such a win will be set for life.

Where to look for the most profitable online slots?

Now you know how to choose the slot machine that will give you the most fun to play and give you the opportunity to earn huge amounts of money. Where to find such machines?

Check out our online casino reviews. In many of them, you will find separate sections dedicated to progressive jackpots offering the highest payouts. Even if you do not find such a section, in top rated online slot casino Such virtual machines necessarily will be.

When choosing a casino online slot games, focus first of all on its reputation. Check their licenses and certificates. Find out which company is the operator of the casino and whether it has other well-known brands. All this information can be found in online casino reviews.

When choosing a machine, think about what really matters to you. Do you want to try your hand at the legendary jackpot? Prefer to play more casually and give yourself a chance to earn, even without hitting the jackpot? Choose a casino slot online with a higher RTP and lower volatility. Detailed information about the rules of the game in the best casino slot game online can be found in the reviews, where you can also test them for free, even without having a profile at the online casino.