Hitachi Park is located in the province of Ibaraki

The official name of the park is Hitachi Seaside Park. The name Hitachi familiar to us (this includes household appliances, industrial equipment, and much more) is actually more correct to write Hitachi, this is due to the peculiarities of the Japanese language. So in Japanese “hitachi” means “dawn”. Considering where Hitachi Park is located, it becomes quite clear why the park has such a name.

Initially, this place was an American military base, but in 1991 this remarkable park was founded here. In our opinion, the transformation of a military base into a flourishing and fragrant oasis is the best thing that could happen to this piece of land.

What is so beautiful about this park? On the one hand, it’s just a city park where thousands of people come to take a break from the bustle of the city.

As a rule, in any city there are places where a person can be a little alone with nature and peace. In Brazilian Rio de Janeiro, this is Tijuca Park – a tropical jungle right in the middle of the city. In the capital of India, these are Lodi Gardens.

But on the other hand, it is as much as 190 hectares, which now represent a wonderful, impressive and unforgettable sight. Millions of flowers grow in the park and bloom at different times.
Hitachi Park comes alive in March. At this time, daffodils bloom here. There are over a million of them in the park. In April, tulips of 170 species and all colors of the rainbow bloom. Looking at such magnificence, associations with the Keukenhof Park in Holland involuntarily arise (there are an incredible amount of these tulips in general). In the park you can also find lilies, poppies and sakura.

Nemophila flowering

But that’s not all. From the beginning of May, the flowering of nemophila begins. This is a delicate flower of blue or blue. Imagine, about 5 million flowers bloom and fill huge areas, turning the park into a blue-and-blue carpet. At this time, the Nemophila Harmony flower festival is held in the park. This event attracts a huge flow of travelers.

Undoubtedly, the designers put a lot of effort into creating these magnificent creations.

From a bird’s eye view, all flower beds, flower beds, lawns and playgrounds look like a single whole. The clarity of forms and the accuracy of lines create ideal compositions, each of which is in its place and harmoniously fits into the overall landscape.

In winter, the territory of the Hitachi Seaside Park is covered with snow, and only by March it is again covered with a multi-colored flower carpet.

Hitachi Park in Japan delights everyone: local residents, travelers who have seen a lot, and lovers of beauty who come from everywhere to this wonderful place. The name of the park is translated from Japanese as “dawn”. Real light feelings cover those who step on the ground covered with a bright and delicate floral carpet.

Wonders of nature in a blooming park

In this Japanese park, most of the area is occupied by a variety of flowers, varieties and names of which are very numerous. The species diversity of shrubs and trees is low.

Fragrant ones do not grow in flower beds, but in huge fields. It seems that a living colorful sea surrounds the entire space around. Gardeners select plants in such a way that the park is beautiful all year round. In Hitachi, some plant species replace others at different flowering periods. Flower paradise is always very beautiful and picturesque.

In Holland and in also very beautiful and somewhat similar to Hitachi. But here, in there are “highlights” that make this space unique.

Flower festivals in Hitachi

Nemophila Harmony is the name of a popular festival held in honor of a delicate flower unusual for Europe. Blue nemophila is planted in large areas. The hilly area, dotted with waves of soft turquoise color with an amazing aroma, smoothly flows into the vault of heaven. It seems that it is erased by the earth in a blue robe.

In the spring, Hitachi hosts a cherry blossom festival. Thousands of trees with delicate flowers exude a sweet aroma and can melt even the coldest heart with their beautiful view. The branches are decorated with paper lanterns, symbolizing the arrival of spring, peace and tranquility.

Park guests who come to Japan in the fall cannot immediately understand what they see in front of them. Fluffy, delicate balls of orange, greenish-yellow, red color cover vast territories. These strange balls are cochia bushes that create an alien landscape on Earth and cause a lot of positive emotions from getting to know such a miracle.

In the Hitachi Park on Japanese soil, in addition to delightful flowers and other plants, there are entertainment: rides, a zoo, a swimming pool, recreation areas, souvenir shops, etc. Everyone can take a break from the bustle, worries and noise of the metropolis in a flower paradise.

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