Attractions Kagawa

Prefecture, which includes several settlements. Its area is 1877 kilometers, and the population is about a million people. The prefectural capital is Takamatsu. Kagawa is the smallest of Japan’s prefectures.

Main Attractions

You will have to travel a lot to see all the sights of the prefecture. Marugame Castle in Marugame. The castle walls are very impressive. It is recommended to ride soda in the spring to enjoy not only the view of the city, but also the cherry blossoms. Near the castle there is parking, as well as a gift shop. Guidebooks say that here you can make yourself a souvenir with your own hands on a real potter’s wheel.

However, it is better to do this not here, but in a specialized museum of pottery in Maruheim. Sand sculptures “Kanei Tsuho Zenigata” in the city of Kanonji. This is part of the kotohiki park. To see the sand sculptures, you will need to climb the hill, which offers a beautiful view of the park. There is no defined route. Just go all the way up and you will reach this place.

Where to go

Ritsurin Park Garden in Takamatsu. The garden is in eighth place in the Japanese garden ranking. At the entrance, they give a program with a plan of the garden and a proposed excursion route, which takes one and a half to two hours. Here everyone will find a corner according to their taste. For example, you can see a tea house, an artificial waterfall, or climb a hill that overlooks the entire garden.

There is a pond with a thousand lotuses, but it is interesting only in the warm season (lotuses do not bloom in winter). The distance from Takamatsu to the park is about two and a half kilometers. You can get there on foot or by train (from the station it’s only a three-minute walk to the main gate of the park). The entrance fee is 410 yen. Separately, you can buy a half-hour boat trip on the lake (it will cost about three hundred yen).

These are modern hot springs, interesting in that all the baths are located around maple trees. Baths are divided into male and female. For men, there is an indoor hot tub, two outdoor hot tubs at different temperatures, and one outdoor tub with cool water.

There are benches under the maples where you can sit and cool off. The women’s section has a large swimming pool and several baths, set in a beautiful garden among maple trees. Behind the baths there is an area where you can gather with the whole family, relax with food and drinks (they are available). It is inconvenient that you have to get here by train, and then walk ten minutes from the station along a narrow road with a lot of cars. It is better to book a taxi at the hotel.

The New Yashima Aquarium is located in Takamatsu. Expensive place, but worth it. Here you can watch a funny dolphin show. The pool is small, giving a good view of the show no matter the location. You can touch the starfish and other creatures.

Swimming with dolphins at Japan Dolphin Center in Sanuki. It is recommended to go there by car. Nice to see dolphins up close. They are really nice and friendly. You can admire them for several hours. The staff is qualified and friendly. There is a small beach area where you can just swim.

Where to go in the evening

Sake lovers are in for a disappointment. They will have to work hard to taste branded Japanese drinks. In some cities there are no bars at all. It is best to go to the largest city in Takamatsu Prefecture for the purpose of spending the evening. The most popular bar in this city is Jr Hotel Clement Takamatsu Bar Astro. You can get there by staying at the Clement Takamatsu Hotel. Located on the top floor of the hotel, the bar boasts a good view of the city. The bar is maintained in a gloomy and calm atmosphere. Prices are a little high, but drinking while enjoying the calm atmosphere and scenery, taking your time looking around, is much more pleasant than in a regular bar.

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